SIPThor Net is a hosted service for real-time communications over the Internet based on open standards.

Integrated with Internet Domain Registration and DNS management, using SIPThor Net you can associate your chosen Internet identity with real-time communications applications for audio, video, instant messaging (IM) and presence based on SIP protocol. Under your own Internet domains you can create and manage your DNS records, SIP accounts, ENUM numbers, E-mail and Web aliases.

The platform functionality can be integrated into your own web portal or application and control over all its features can be performed from remote by using a powerfull SOAP/XML provisioning API. Based on popular open source software components, the platform is running on SIP Thor, which can be also deployed at your location. If you grow and want to be in control of your infrastructure you may chose to switch from using the platform as a service to owning and managing your own infrastructure.

  • Internet domain registration for popular TLDs
  • DNS management with support for NAPTR and SRV records
  • Signaling based on SIP protocol
  • Voice,Video and Fax (RTP protocol)
  • IM and File Transfers (MSRP protocol)
  • SIP SIMPLE Presence (XCAP and RLS)
  • Multiparty conferencing (Wideband audio, IM, File Transfer)
  • NAT traversal for signaling and media
  • Transparent for applications in SIP end-points
  • Gateway to external XMPP domains
  • Remote SOAP/XML provisioning API
  • Postpaid and Prepaid billing
  • Call Detail Records and protocol tracing
  • PSTN interconnection
  • ENUM telephone number mapping

Private individuals

  • Per domain starting at 15€ per year
  • Fair-use policy for the number of records

Small to medium enterprises

  • 89€ per month plus the cost of domain registration
  • Fair-use policy for the number of records
  • For use by internal employees only

Service and application providers

  • Capacity based per SIP and ENUM account in use
  • For pricing information please contact us

To access the platform, register a login account here and follow the main menu links.